AP Art History Teacher Resources

Today was a fun experience! Our school has this wonderful resource in our Learning Commons(aka the Library) and today my art history classes got their hands on them!  Our wonderful Librarian had these set up and ready to go for us when we came in, I couldn’t have done it without her! She is such an indispensable resource, she’s even created a spreadsheet that lists expeditions by content area, which is AWESOME! I love being able to collaborate with other teachers and work together to create experiences for students to learn and explore.

We’re into Content Area 3 Early Europe and Colonial Americas, so I found #52 Hagia Sophia and #60 Chartres Cathedral (outside view only) from a street point of view and while the kids were using the goggles I was able to teach them about the structures and their significance.

If you’re not an art history buff or if you don’t teach it, the Google Expeditions app gives prompts for teachers about specific aspects of each architectural piece/place. The teacher uses a tablet to guide students and you can even see where the students are looking and direct them!

This was definitely a fun break, from regular notes, and we got to have a “mini” field trip to the Learning Commons. I think the students really enjoyed it!

Have you ever used Google Expeditions? What other fun technology activities do you use in your classroom? Share below!


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