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I never thought I would write this, but here we are. I am officially in Graduate school. Honestly, I’ve thought about and gone back and forth with it for a long time. I originally applied for Boston University in 2016, was accepted, and then deferred for a semester. Then life circumstances happened in early 2017, so I didn’t pursue it. In 2017 I left my middle school teaching position and found a new home teaching AP Art History in a new district, which was a lot to adjust to.

Fast forward to Spring 2020, and the Pandemic happens. We never return to school after Spring Break, finishing the year online. Fall of 2020, we begin a hybrid teaching model, and I feel like a first-year teacher again. To be honest, it was one of the most challenging years of teaching ever. I was a web designer, curriculum specialist, emotional learning specialist, and television show host, all rolled into one. Well, in a nutshell, that’s what I was doing – there were a million other things, of course. Everyone LOVED us! Admonished us for taking care of the needs of students in an “unprecedented” time. Facebook groups popping up to “adopted a teacher” for Teacher Appreciation Week. I got a tote bag filled with cards and goodies, which was very much appreciated. Then everyone HATED us for just teaching what we were asked to teach. Last year students were struggling with being back on campus full-time all over the nation, and we had to reteach how to be in school.

I realized throughout this time that I wanted to make a more significant impact on my students and help facilitate change in my district, but most importantly, I wanted to help more teachers. So last summer, I enrolled at Boston University Online to finally get my Master’s Degree in Art Education, focusing on Leadership and Advocacy.

SURPRISE! I’m actually 7 months away from graduating, one more 7-week class, and then the capstone. I’m excited, and I’m nervous, but I’m ready!

-Mrs. A

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