AP Art History Teacher Resources

Ms. Alkire is in the 14th year of her career as an art educator and is currently teaching AP Art History at the high school level as well as Art History Advanced and an Art History Seminar course. Previously she taught 3 years of middle school art and 5 years at the elementary level (you can see her blog from 2013-2017 HERE). Ms. Alkire earned her BFA with Certification EC-12 from the University of Texas at Arlington in May 2009. She is currently finishing graduate school at Boston University. She is also an artist and participates in shows in her spare time with different organizations around the DFW area, including ArtLoveMagic and Piranha Bear.


A perfectly rendered drawing of Ms. Alkire from a former student.

Even art teachers can take creative selfies.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

-Edgar Degas

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