AP Art History Teacher Resources

One thing that has been on my mind this year, and part of the reason I was hired was my desire and the necessity of growing the AP Art History program.

How was I, as a first year art history teacher and new to the school, going to promote and recruit students into the class for next year?

Here are three things I did, that helped me QUADRUPLE my program in one year! Continue reading

Before Spring Break, my ART I classes were finishing up a project and we didn’t really have time to start something new before having a week off. So I decided to go full on Art History with them for two days! It was pretty simple, we are a one to one technology campus and each student has access to plenty of resources online, so I put up a slide asked them to choose a famous artist, find out ten facts, what type of art they create, draw a picture of them and also recreated an artwork in a poster form. Continue reading