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The title of my post is a little misleading, as the artwork we’ll be looking at today isn’t actually titled The Impact of a Book.

Book VI: El Castillo.” Brick wall and book. Jorge Mendez Blake. 2018.

Impact of a book

I showed this to my Post Art History Seminar class. Jorge Mendez Blake melds literature and his love of architecture into large sculptures. Your eye moves along the wall, noticing a slight convex wave in the center. Upon closer inspection you see that the cause is not what you might think, a tool perhaps, but a book. The book in question titled: El Castillo.  Without delving to much into the context surround Blake’s work, my students begin to ask questions, and make assumptions about the meaning.

Discussion leads to how small ideas can make giant impacts, a ripple effect as it were, and our role as citizens of the world to help effect change. It’s a great way to start the semester and get my students thinking about art and its impact!

How do you create academic conversations in your classroom at the beginning of the year? Share below!

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